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About us

We are Neolondon, two artists united in creation.

Our mission: Elevate your living spaces with our artworks.

Our vision: A world where we are all one and happy.

It’s us Neo & London sitting on the bench in our showroom!

We are two creators from the beautiful city of Drummondville, Quebec!

Our real names are Frédérick and Janet, we have been in love since 2017 and we created Neolondon Arts Inc. in 2018 to elevate our lives with Arts.

Fred being new to the field, he chose to be called Neo; meaning new and because he is a huge fan of The Matrix

Janet was already London, she chose this name in tribute to the legendary writer Jack London and to honour her origins in the magnificent city of London.

We are two opposites who create wonders in collaboration.

Neo learned 3D & computer graphics at Cegep of Matane + lots of cool & useful stuff on the Internet, he entirely designed our website himself!

London has attended major universities, she currently has:

  1. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University in Toronto.
  2. A Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal.
  3. A Masters in Education from McGill University, in Montreal.

Our blood, sweat and tears can be found in each and every works created.

Thank you for your presence on our site and especially enjoy your visit!

Our Services





Are you looking for a new painting for your home or business?

Super cool because we love to create custom works in collaboration!

You can see many of our creations by clicking here and reviews by clicking here.

We would be honored to create with you.

Book a free call using the button below to discuss it.


Are you looking for a mural for your home or business?

The good news is that you have now found the solution: Neolondon are doing it BIG!

The only limits of our creations are those of our imaginations… It is almost unlimited!

You can see many of our murals by clicking here and reviews by clicking here.

We would be honored to create with you.

Book a free call using the button below to discuss it.


Would you like to learn how to create works of Art? You’ve found the right place because we love teaching how to create!

The artists of Neolondon have together more than 55 years of experience in creating works of Art. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

We can welcome you in our workshop to create with you a work of Art that will surprise you.

You just have to contact us using the button below so that we can meet and learn together.

Photo & Video

Êtes-vous à la recherche d’une murale pour votre maison ou votre entreprise? C’est une excellente nouvelle parce que nous adorons faire les choses en grand à Neolondon! 

Nous sommes des spécialistes de l’abstrait mais il est possible pour nous de nous aventurer dans d’autres styles.

Nous avons reçus beaucoup de bons commentaires sur nos oeuvres qui tente de délimiter la séparation entre le réalisme et l’abstrait, ce sont d’ailleurs des toiles parfaites pour ajouter une touche de vie dans vos maisons et entreprises.

Nous serions honorés de créer pour vous votre première toile ou d’ajouter notre nom aux artistes de votre collection.

Vous n’avez simplement qu’à nous contacter en utilisant le bouton ci-dessous pour que nous puissions créer ensemble.


Need help to materialize a project or idea?

We would be delighted to collaborate with you and your team for the success of your project(s).

You can see many of our creations by clicking here and reviews by clicking here.

Book a free call using the button below to discuss it.



GooFie Welldone

The creation of "Notorious no1" by Neolondon was an unforgettable experience. Created in my loft during their stay, they used some of my old hip hop interviews in magazines to create a collage of Biggie. This masterpiece took only two days to do... Knowing that we did not know where to start. I also participated in the creative process, which makes this piece a truly significant acquisition for me.
Jordan Balmir

Passionate, good and kind!!
Contact Neolondon for incredible artworks and clothes!
Alexandre Guilbeault

Super service!
  These are people who are really interested in details.
  I highly recommend them for your business.
Nathalie Ross

Neolondon, very professional artists who listen to their clients.
From design to installation; they have shown great meticulousness and thus produced exceptional works!

Thank you Neolondon for beautifying our living spaces!👌😍👏🎨
Kevin Poirier & Yannick Letendre

Neo & London are very professional and know how to identify customer needs. They ensure that the premises are at the same level of cleanliness as before their passage after work. The execution time is impressive and the quality of the works is high and expanded in terms of possibilities. Thank you Neolondon for this wonderful creativity!
Pascal BouFFard

Fast service adapted to businesses, thank you Neolondon!
Steve Plante

Unparalleled creativity at competitive prices.

Professionalism and tailor-made project to meet everyone's needs.
Cédric Balmir

After several years of research, I finally found the artists I was looking for: Neolondon! Not only do they create completely incredible works, they can also create exactly what you imagine, to absolute perfection! Neolondon, THANK YOU!! 😘❤️😘❤️😘
Louise Pelletier

I received my first Neolondon painting as a gift from my son Cédric. "Galloping horses" is a living canvas, full of energy and which highlights all the talent of the artists who made it! Subsequently, I obtained "Family of Zebras" which exceeded all my expectations! Great artists! I recommend their services !!
Dan Nattrass

Neolondon has done fantastic work for me commercially and for my personal collections. I have had the opportunity to watch them work with intensity, focus and creative beauty to produce first quality one of a kind pieces that always stand out and capture my attention. Great people & easy to work with!!
Lunine Norbal

Beautiful artwork for your home. I have one of Neolondon's paintings and it is just what I needed for my home.


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