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Hello to you!

We are Neolondon; Frédérick A. Boisvert (Neo) and Janet R. London.

Our mission is to create works of Art in duo or in solo and to help artists & entrepreneurs improve their quality of life by guiding them to be “finely articulated” and realize their dreams.

✓ Change their lives for the better, regardless of the past

✓ Develop their potential and their energy level

✓ Feel positive and not negative

✓ Earn more money

And way more, we are known as Dream Makers & Manifestors.

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Meet Neo & London

In less than 2 years, we’ve built a business we love, that represents both of us, and in which we grow & thrive in.

Better yet, more than 700 people follow us every day!

We specialize in supporting artists & entrepreneurs in order to help them become ”finely articulated” and find previously uncharted trails to help them improve their quality of life and thrive QUICKLY. 

Our system and methods are highly simple, effective + helped many people create the life & freedom of their dreams.

Our mission is to help you articulate your life and exceed your goals in order to become ‘’finely articulated’’.

The services that Neolondon provides

We offer different works of Art according to your current resources, advice, as well as high-level private consultation to help our collectors finely articulate their lives.

We are pros, giving our collectors quick & surreal results!

Here is where we talked about us...

Goofie Welldone

The creation of "Notorious no1" was an unforgettable experience.

Created in my loft during their stay, Neolondon used some of my old hip hop interviews in magazines to create a crazy collage of Biggie.

The masterpiece took only two days to do... Knowing that we did not know where to start.

I also participated in the creative process, which makes this piece a truly significant acquisition for me.
Jordan Balmir

Passionate, good and kind!!

Contact Neolondon for incredible artworks and clothes!

Nathalie Ross

Neolondon are very professional artists who listen to their clients.

From design to installation; they have shown great meticulousness and thus produced exceptional artworks!

Thank you Neolondon for beautifying our living spaces!👌😍👏🎨
Kevin Poirier & Yannick Letendre

Neo & London are very professional and know how to identify customer needs.

They ensure that the premises are at the same level of cleanliness as before their passage after their work. The execution time is impressive and the quality of the works is high and expanded in terms of possibilities.

Thank you Neolondon for this wonderful creativity!
Pascal Bouffard

Fast service adapted to businesses!

Thank you Neolondon!
Steve Plante

Unparalleled creativity at competitive prices.

Professionalism and tailor-made project to meet everyone's needs.
Cédric Balmir

After several years of research, I finally found the artists I was looking for!

Not only do they create completely incredible works; they even let you participate in the creative process! It's absolute perfection!

Neolondon: THANK YOU!! 😘❤️😘❤️😘
Louise Pelletier

I received my first Neolondon painting as a gift from my son Cédric.

"Galloping horses" is a living canvas, full of energy and which highlights all the talent of the artists who made it!

Subsequently, I obtained "Family of Zebras" which exceeded all of my expectations!

Great artists! I recommend their services!!
Dan Nattrass

Neolondon has done fantastic work for me.

I have had the opportunity to watch them work with intensity, focus and creative beauty to produce first quality, one-of-a-kind artworks that always stand out and capture my attention.

Great people & easy to work with!!
Lunine Norbal

Beautiful artwork for your home.

I have one of Neolondon's paintings and it is just what I needed.

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Neolondon Arts Inc. exist to help you create YOUR dream lifestyle.


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